I’m Jodi. A yoga & meditation teacher, mindset & wellbeing advocate, and big supporter of finding your voice. I’m living a much happier life now that I listen to my heart and I want the same for you!

Want to know more about me and my offerings? Read on for the rest.

I’m a recovering people-pleaser

I spent until my mid-thirties knowing that I wasn’t happy with work, my behaviours, my life.

As a people-pleaser I was so focused on saying yes to everyone else I ended up with no clue how to fix why I felt so unhappy.

I got used to hiding how I really felt about so many things through fear of judgement and confrontation – and deep down a belief that my voice was less important than others’. I learned that sacrificing my happiness for the sake of others led to major regret and a stranglehold of unhealthy habits and behaviours.

I knew I couldn’t settle for a life that didn’t feel right, but had no clue how to change. Carrying on this way for years cost me my relationship, my health and my sanity.

  • I had growing health problems, mounting anxiety and panic attacks.

  • My 10 year relationship ended because I had zero ability to speak up for myself and work through normal relationship problems.

  • I was signed off work twice and ignored the GP’s advice for fear of judgement.

  • I numbed my issues with addictive actions: emotional eating, bulimia, alcohol, never ending social media.

Fear and avoidance ruled me. And it actually made me ill.

Please, please don’t let this be you.  

All of this caused a big wake up slap in the face, forcing me to sit up and get really honest about my life, and whether I was prepared to keep living it this way.

For over a decade I’ve been consuming books, articles, podcasts, webinars. I’ve worked with coaches, mentors and had therapy. I got so much from all of this that I have massive belief in the power of personal responsibility and living with total honesty. I took yoga teacher training and coach training and got seriously accountable for my life.


  • My previous broken-down relationship is now my happy marriage.

  • My health is now a top priority & a long list of health issues have totally gone.

  • I can express my needs and my frustrations so that they don’t consume me.

  • I say no to others and yes to myself without guilt and shame.  

  • I put my needs first & everyone is better off for it!

  • I am infinitely happier since taking responsibility for my life and practicing being a new me. Nobody else is taking that role.

My time now goes into sharing tools and classes that help others get past such life limiting behaviours much sooner than I did.

Here’s what I believe:

  • Too often we try and fit ourselves into a different shaped mould, and I believe this is a serious root of unhappiness. Whether it is the wrong job, office culture, friendship circles, home town and so on. Being involved in something which doesn’t feel right, leaves us feeling increasingly unhappy, unwell, or at the least, losing interest and excitement in life. In turn this causes a negative ripple effect, feeding into the lives of those around us.

  • Spend too long in these environments and you will start to tell yourself (consciously or subconsciously) that you are the problem. That you are not good enough, there is something wrong with you, you’ll never be able to achieve anything different, and that maybe this is just what life is like. This isn’t true! I know that you can feel so much happier in yourself than you can even imagine right now.

  • We have two choices: impact ourselves and others positively, or impact ourselves and others negatively. The former requires us to take full ownership of our lives, shift our mindset, and take responsibility for correcting course. Not easy, but so worth it.

  • The only thing we have any control over in life is our inner world

    In other words, where we choose to focus our attention, the meaning we give to things, and how we choose to respond to outside circumstances. The power and responsibility lies 100% with us to choose what to focus on and believe. It's easier said than done, but with the right skills and practice, I know you can live life with more real happiness! 

  • How we respect ourselves is how others respect us

    What story are you telling others in how you behave each day? We need more real in a world of increasing fake. More self-accountability.

  • Taking responsibility for our own lives, not other people’s, is freeing

    When we stop trying so hard to keep others happy and see that happiness is our individual responsibility, it shifts things. We start to see the possibility for our lives. And when live as the real us, we’ll thrive and feel the fulfilment we deserve.  

  • In an increasingly overloaded world, I believe in keeping it simple, natural and real

    I find a more contentment through slowing down through healthy habits which share throughout this site.

I want to help anyone going through this stuff

This stuff is always ongoing. I have low days, trip myself up and get caught up in fear and self-doubt. This isn’t about having a perfect life. It is about a totally honest life of personal responsibility… adulting, I guess!

I share with you what I have learned over the years and, to me, makes all the difference between coasting along with nagging doubt, and living your most fulfilling life where you feel like an even better you. 

Which brings me to you!

Are you sick of not feeling your best more often? Are you overwhelmed? Is there a nagging feeling which distracts you? Do you get easily upset or frustrated and don’t really know why? Whatever it is, tell me about it! I want to know, and help, and get you feeling way happier way more often.

I’m here to help you shift gear and live from the heart, to see life differently and live a fulfilling life, regardless of other people’s opinions. 

I’m excited for your journey ahead.