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I’m Jodi. A yoga & meditation teacher, and mindset & wellbeing advocate. I’m living a much happier life now that I listen to my heart and I want the same for you!

If you’d like to know more, read on for the rest.

I’m a recovering people-pleaser

I spent until my mid-thirties knowing that I wasn’t happy with my life. As a people-pleaser I was so focused on saying yes to everyone else, and had no clue why I was so unhappy.

I got used to hiding how I really felt through fear of judgement and confrontation. I learned that sacrificing my happiness for the sake of others led to major regret and a stranglehold of unhealthy habits and behaviours.

Carrying on this way for years cost me my relationship, my health and my sanity. Fear and avoidance ruled me. And it actually made me ill.

Please, please - don’t let this be you

A big wake up call forced me to sit up and get really honest about my life, and whether I was prepared to keep living it this way.

For over a decade I’ve been consuming books, articles, podcasts, webinars. I’ve worked with coaches, mentors and therapists. I trained as a yoga teacher and got seriously accountable for my life. I now fully believe in the power of personal responsibility and living with total honesty.

My time now goes into sharing tools and yoga classes that help others get past these life limiting behaviours much sooner than I did.

We change only when we do the inner work

This stuff is always ongoing. This isn’t about a perfect life. It is about a totally honest life of personal responsibility.

I share with you what I’ve learned over the years and, to me, makes all the difference between coasting along with nagging doubt, and living your most fulfilling life where you feel like an even better you. 

Which brings me to you!

Are you sick of not feeling your best more often? Are you overwhelmed? Is there a nagging feeling which distracts you? Do you get easily upset or frustrated and don’t really know why? Whatever it is, I’d love to help you get beyond these limitations faster.

Through yoga, meditations, exercises and one to one sessions you can start to see forward momentum in your life that didn’t seem possible for you before.

I’m here to help you shift gear and live a fulfilling life, regardless of other people’s opinions. 

I’m excited for your journey ahead.

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